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Effect of ruptured cavitated   bubble cluster on the extent of the cell deformation by ultrasound Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 2021:105843:1-9 曹沛霖(*),郝长春,李彬彬(*),江昊(*),刘永峰
Ultrafast photonics   applications of zirconium carbide as a novel mode-locker for fiber lasers Journal of Materials Chemistry C 9:16985 刘思聪(*),吕瑞东(#),王江(#),王屹山(#),王虎山(#),张晗(#),王勇刚
Synchronization within   synchronization: transients and intermittency in ecological networks national science review 8:269 樊华伟(*),Kong   Lingwei(#),王新刚,Alan   Hastings,Ying-Cheng Lai
Bimetallic–organic   framework-derived Co3O4–ZnO heterojunction nanofibers: A new kind of emerging   porous nanomaterial for enhanced ethanol sensing Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical 349:130732 张金牛(*),冷德营(*),李刚(*),刘佳(*),王红军(#),朱媛媛(#),卢红兵,高健智,朱本鹏(#)
Achieving rapid response and   high sensitivity in ethanol gas sensing using a Pt/W 18 O 49 ohmic contact   via modulating the adsorption and activation properties: Theoretical and   experimental insights Sensors and Actuators: B.   Chemical 347:130601 欧钰城(*),朱刚强,张伟斌(#),张绍林(#),高健智,卢红兵,李刚(*),黄宇(#),Mirabbos   Hojamberdiev
A hydrazone organic optical   modulator with a p electronic system for ultrafast photonics Journal of Materials Chemistry C 9:11306-11313 张晨曦(*),李晓辉,王亚民(*),安明琪(*),孙志鹏(*)
A novel high-Q oxyfluoride   Li4Mg2NbO6F microwave dielectric ceramic with low sintering temperature Journal of the European Ceramic   Society 41:4478-4483 翟思美(*),刘鹏,张帅帅(*)
Physical field simulation of   the ultrasonic radiation method: An investigation of the vessel, probe   position and power Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 76:1-10 曹沛霖(*),郝长春,马晨(*),杨海燕(*),孙润广
High-performance colossal   permittivity for textured (Al+Nb) co-doped TiO2 ceramics sintered in nitrogen atmosphere Journal of the European Ceramic   Society 41:4146-4152 宋月婵(*),刘鹏,吴雯雯,周权(*)
Bio-inspired inclined   nanohair arrays with tunable mechanical properties for effective directional   condensed microdroplets self-jumping Chemical Engineering Journal 427:130887 苟彤(*),刘婷(*),苏云鹏(#),李娟,郭屹岩(*),黄靖波(*),张宏东(*),李颖(*),张智颖(*),马英俊(#),张中月,高雪峰(#)
Ultraviolet Pump–Probe   Photodissociation Spectroscopy of Electron-Rotation Coupling in Diatomics The Journal of Physical   Chemistry Letters 12:5534 刘艳荣(*),V. Kimberg(#),吴勇(#),王建国(#),O. Vendrell(#),张松斌
Application prospects of   boron nitride as a novel saturable absorber device for ultrashort pulse   generation in fiber lasers JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C 9:9021 刘思聪(*),吕瑞东(#),王勇刚,商世广(#),任卫(#),许强(#)
Maximizing the Formation of   Reactive Oxygen Species for Deep Oxidation of NO via Manipulating the   Oxygen-Vacancy Defect Position on (BiO) 2 CO 3 ACS Catalysis 11:77358722;7749 饶斐(*),朱刚强,张伟斌(#),徐蕴华(#),曹保卫(#),石先进(#),高健智,黄育红,黄宇(#),Mirabbos   Hojamberdiev
Oxygen vacancy   defects-boosted deep oxidation of NO by β-Bi 2 O 3 /CeO 2-δ p-n   heterojunction photocatalyst in situ synthesized from Bi/Ce(CO 3 ) (OH)   precursor Chemical Engineering Journal 424:130327 聂俊丽(*),朱刚强,张伟斌(#),高健智,仲鹏(#),谢小涛,黄宇(#)
Molybdenum Carbide Buried in   D-Shaped Fibers as a Novel Saturable Absorber Device for Ultrafast Photonics   Applications ACS APPLIED MATERIALS &   INTERFACES 13:19128--19137 Sicong Liu(*),Shiguang Shang(#),Ruidong Lv(#),王勇刚,Jiang   Wang(#),Wei Ren(#),Yishan Wang(#)
A novel multifunctional   ceramic with photoluminescence and outstanding energy storage properties Chemical Engineering Journal 408:127368 乔笑爽(*),盛安惠(*),吴笛,张福东(*),陈碧(*),梁朋飞,王娟娟(#),晁小练,杨祖培
Multiplasmons-Pumped   Excited-State Absorption and Energy Transfer Upconversion of Rare-Earth-Doped   Luminescence beyond the Diffraction Limit ACS Photonics 8:1335-1343 陈环(*),孙美娟(*),丁涛(#),张正龙,郑海荣,徐红星
Tunable strain drives the   activity enhancement for oxygen reduction reaction on Pd@Pt core-shell   electrocatalysts Journal of Power Sources 485:229340 张亚峰(*),秦娟(*),冷德营(*),刘茜茹,许晓燕(#),杨冰(#),尹峰
Synergistically boosting   highly selective CO2–to–CO photoreduction over BiOCl nanosheets via in-situ formation of   surface defects and non-precious metal   nanoparticles Applied Catalysis B:   Environmental 297:120413 宫斯文(*),朱刚强,王冉(#),饶斐(*),石先进(*),高健智,黄宇(#),何朝政(#),Mirabbos   Hojamberdiev
Metal–organic   framework-derived Cu2O–CuO octahedrons for sensitive and selective detection   of ppb-level NO2 at room temperature Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical 328:129045 王薇(*),张元一(*),张金牛(*),李刚(*),冷德营(*),高颖(*),高健智,卢红兵,李晓辉
An enhanced plasmonic   photothermal effect for crystal transformation by a heat-trapping structure Nanoscale 13:4585-4591 孔婷(*),张成云(*),卢江波,康博雯(*),付正坤,李金萍,严蕾,张正龙,郑海荣,徐红星
Uniform chiral near-fields in   achiral nanocavity induced by magnetic polaritons mode Annalen der Physik 2100353:1 白瑜(*),外力(*),张梓彦(*),李敖(*),李颖(*),王勇凯(#),张中月
MOF‐Derived Porous   Dodecahedron rGO‐Co 3 O 4 for Robust Pulse Generation Advanced Materials Interfaces 9:2101933 李晓辉,安明琪(*),李刚(*),韩岳恒(*),郭朋来(#),陈恩慈(#),胡际易(*),宋卓颖(*),卢红兵,卢江波
Linking the Enhanced Deep NO   Oxidation of Ferroelectric K0.5Bi0.5TiO3 Nanowire Photocatalyst to Its   Spontaneous Polarization and Oxygen Vacancie Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 8:5065–5075 梁庆荣(*),梁庆荣(*),李贵安,饶斐(*),郑国忠(*),郑国忠(*),马豪轩(*),马浩轩(*),李世平(*),李世平(*),Mirabbos   Hojamberdiev(#),Mirabbos Hojamberdiev(#),王其召(#),朱刚强
Effect of seed orientations   on the crystallization characteristics and the magnetic levitation properties of single domain YBCO bulk superconductors Journal of Alloys and Compounds 883:160788 武婷婷(*),张海燕(*),杨万民,崔艳兰(*),阿卜力孜·阿卜来提(*)
Optical pulse modulators   based on layered vanadium diselenide nanosheets Nanotechnology 33:65203 李琳瑞(*),李晓辉,赵阳(*),冯江江(*),张晨曦(*),石元(#),葛颜琦(#),张亚妮(#)
Doulbe-layer chiral system   with induced circular dichroism by near-field coupling Journal of Physical Chemistry C 125:25851 李颖(*),任亚琦(*),白瑜(*),李敖(*),徐越(*),王勇凯(#),张中月
Bioluminescence Tomography   Based on One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Networks Frontiers in Oncology 11:3389-60689 余景景,戴晨阳(*),郭红波(#),何雪磊(#),孙思雨(*),刘瑛(*)
The structure, electronic,   magnetic and optical properties of the Co-X (X = B, C, N, O or F) codoped   single-layer WS2 Physica E: Low-dimensional   Systems and Nanostructures 134:114917 王敏敏(*),张建民,Anwar Ali(*),魏秀梅,黄育红
Theoretical study on the   electronic structure, optical and photocatalytic properties of type-II As/CdO   van der Waals heterostructure Physica E: Low-dimensional   Systems and Nanostructures 134:114888 Anwar Ali(*),张建民,Ismail Shahid(*),Iltaf Muhammad(*),Iqtidar   Ahmad(#),Fazal Kabir(#)
First-principles   investigation on electronic structure, magnetic states and optical properties   of Mn-doped SnS2 monolayer via strain engineering Physica E: Low-dimensional   Systems and Nanostructures 134:114842 Anwar Ali(*),张建民,Iltaf Muhammad(*),Ismail Shahid(*),Iftikhar   Ahmad(#),Majeed Ur Rehman(#),Iqtidar Ahmad(#),Fazal Kabir(#)
Pseudorapidity distributions   of charged particles in pp(pbar), p(d)A and AA collisions using Tsallis   thermodynamics Journal of Physics G: Nuclear   and Particle Physics 48:105102 陶俊琦(*),王蒙(*),郑华,张文超,朱励霖(#),A. Bonasera(#)
High-Performance Vanadium   Diselenide Nanosheets for the Realization of Compact Pulsed Fiber Lasers Annalen der Physik 553:2100230 李晓辉,张颖(*),赵阳(*),石兴耀(*),冯天赐(*),张凯(*)
Low-pass filtering based   polarimetric dehazing method for dense haze removal Optics Express 29:28178-28189 梁健,任立勇,梁荣光(#)
Identified particle spectra   in Pb–Pb, Xe–Xe and p–Pb collisions with the Tsallis blast-wave model Journal of Physics G: Nuclear   and Particle Physics 48:95103 车国荣(*),顾锦彪(*),张文超,郑华
Co/N-doped carbon   nanotubes-grafted porous carbon sheets architecture as efficient   electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction Journal of Alloys and Compounds 871:159566 冷德营(*),唐厚柄(*),杨明明(*),张金牛(*),张亚峰(*),秦娟(*),刘茜茹,卢红兵,尹峰
PtGd/Gd2O3 alloy/metal oxide   composite catalyst for methanol oxidation reaction International Journal of   Hydrogen energy 46:25782-25789 秦娟(*),李珍祯(*),冷德营(*),叶开(*),张亚峰(*),张大为(*),黄凤鋆(*),刘茜茹,尹峰
Narrow-bandgap materials for   optoelectronics applications Frontiers of Physics 17:13304 李晓辉,郭艺璇(*),任玉洁(*),彭家俊(*),刘继舒(*),王聪(*),张晗(*)
Binary surfactant mediated   tunable nanotips growth on gold nanoparticles and application in photothermal   catalysis Frontiers in chemistry 9:699548 弥小虎(*),张婷婷(*),张宝宝(*),吉敏(*),康博雯(*),亢超(*),付正坤,张正龙,郑海荣
Modeling and augmenting of   fMRI data using deep recurrent variational auto-encoder Journal of Neural Engineering 2021:0460b6 强宁,董庆林(#),梁洪涛,葛宝,张枢(#),孙奕菲,张成(#),张葳(#),高洁,刘天明(#)
Optimized oxygen reduction   activity by tuning shell component in Pd@Pt-based core-shell electrocatalysts Journal of Colloid and Interface   Science 604:301-309 张亚峰(*),叶开(*),顾青青(#),蒋齐可(#),秦娟(*),冷德营(*),杨冰(#),尹峰
Unsupervised Learning of   Auroral Optical Flow for Recognition of Poleward Moving Auroral Forms IEEE Transactions on Geoscience   and Remote Sensing 1:1 - 11 杨秋菊,向晗(*)
Growth mechanisms for initial   stages of plasma electrolytic oxidation coating on Al Surfaces and Interfaces 25:101186 朱陆军,柯小行(#),李经纬(#),张跃飞(#),张振华(#),隋曼龄(#)
The Interaction of Graphene   Oxide-Silver Nanoparticles with Trypsin: Insights from Adsorption Behaviors,   Conformational Structure and Enzymatic Activity Investigations Colloids and Surfaces B:   Biointerfaces 202:1-8 刘恒语(*),郝长春,张言言(*),杨海燕(*),孙润广
Two dimensional MoSSe/BSe vdW   heterostructures as potential photocatalysts for water splitting with high   carrier mobilities International Journal of   Hydrogen Energy 46:14247-14258 Ismail Shahid(*),Anwar Ali(*),张建民,Iltaf Muhammad(*),Iqtidar   Ahmad(#),Fazal Kabir(#)
Facile hydrothermal   preparation, characterization and multifunction of rock salt-type LiTiO2 Journal of Alloys and Compounds 872:159759 杨红丹(*),康媛媛(*),朱盼盼(*),陈启文(*),杨丽(*),周剑平
Influence of bovine   hemoglobin on the disruption of fluorescence resonance energy transfer   between zinc sulfide quantum dots and fluorescent silica nanoparticles Journal of Molecular Liquids 322:1-14 杨海燕(*),郝长春,刘恒语(*),钟坤凤(*),孙润广
The electronic and optical   properties of PC6/WS2 heterostructure modulated via biaxial strain and   external electric field Surfaces and Interfaces 24:101100 杜培源(*),黄育红,王静楠(*),朱刚强,马飞(#),张建民,魏秀梅,侯朋飞(*),Jala Bib Khan(#)
High-Repetition-Rate-Modulated   Pulsed Fiber Laser Based on FeS2 JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C 125:5288-5295 吕淑媛(*),任玉洁(*),李晓辉,王红培(*),罗文峰(*),赵阳(*),刘小雨(*),张子阳(*),王旭(*),陈红梅(*),舒提康(*)
Ag+/W6+ co-doped TiO2 ceramic   with colossal permittivity and low loss Journal of Alloys and Compounds 856:157350 朱婕(*),吴笛,梁朋飞,周晓斌(*),彭战辉(*),晁小练,杨祖培
Study of SER and BER in NOMA   Systems IEEE Transactions on Vehicular   Technology 70:3325 - 3340 韩维佳,马骁,唐迪(#),赵楠(#)
First-principles study of the   electronic and magnetic properties of Fe, Co, and Ni dimers adsorbed on   polycyclic-aromatic-hydrocarbon molecules as well as the laser chirp effect   on the ultrafast spin dynamics PHYSICAL REVIEW B 103:54433 谢孟琳(*),郑宇婷(*),刘景(#),金蔚,李春(#),Georgios Lefkidis(#),Wolfgang   Huebner(#)
Porous ZnO-SnO2-Zn2SnO4   heterojunction nanofibers fabricated by electrospinning for enhanced ethanol   sensing properties under UV irradiation Journal of Alloys and Compounds 854:157311 张元一(*),辛霞(*),孙辉,刘茜茹,张金牛(*),李刚(*),高健智,卢红兵,王春兰(#)
Interfacial defect   engineering the electronic states and photocatalytic properties of blue   phosphorus/WS2 heterostructures Journal of Alloys and Compounds 859:157873 王静楠(*),黄育红,朱刚强,张建民,魏秀梅,马飞(#)
Porosity and oxygen vacancy   engineering of mesoporous WO3 nanofibers for fast and sensitive   low-temperature NO2 sensing Journal of Alloys and Compounds 853:157339 张金牛(*),冷德营(*),张立斋(#),李刚(*),马飞(#),高健智,卢红兵,朱本鹏(#)
Strain engineering the   electronic and photocatalytic properties of WS2/blue phosphene van der Waals   heterostructures† Catalysis Science & Technology 11:179-190 王静楠(*),黄育红,马飞(#),张建民,魏秀梅,刘静(#)
Fiber Bragg grating   accelerometer based on symmetrical double flexure hinges Optical Fiber Technology 68:102795 罗晓东(*),李永放,Dequan Feng(#),Hong Gao(#),Jianxin Zhang(#)
Characterizing subcycle   electron dynamics of polar molecules by asymmetry in photoelectron momentum   distributions PHYSICAL REVIEW A 104:063104(1-7) 车佳殷(*),陈超,王赏(#),辛国国(#),陈彦军
Adaptive Strategies Based on   Differential Evolutionary Algorithm for Many-Objective Optimization Discrete Dynamics in Nature and   Society 2021:2491796 孙奕菲,边坤(*),刘卓(*),孙昕(*),姚若侠
Numerical simulation of   acoustic field under mechanical stirring Chinese Physics B 30:104302 刘金河(*),沈壮志,林书玉
Controllable Angle Shear Wave   Front Reconstruction Based on Image Fusion Method for Shear Wave Elasticity   Imaging IEEE Transactions on   Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control 0:0 戴嘉悦(*),吕倩,李宇(*),王玮(*),田野,郭建中
Robust Infrared Superpixel   Image Separation model for small target detection IEEE Journal of Selected Topics   in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing 1:1-1 闫祖婧(*),辛云宏,刘丽丽,苏睿恒(*),陈东波(*)
Spin Quantization in Heavy   Ion Collision Symmetry-BASEL 2021:1777 郑华,A. Bonasera(#)
Plasmonic sensing of   Cu2⁺ via shell-etching of Au@Ag nanorods Materials Chemistry and Physics 259:124036 弥小虎(*),张婷婷(*),张成云(*),王宇阳(*),陈环(*),李金萍,付正坤,张正龙,郑海荣
Porous nickel oxide micron   polyhedral particles for high-performance ultrafast photonics Optics & Laser Technology 146:107546 张晨曦(*),刘杰(*),高颖(*),李晓辉,卢红兵,王亚民(*),冯江江(*),卢江波,马凯学(*),陈晓涵(*)
Study on the bending   vibration of bimorph rectangular transducer based on type 2-2 piezoelectric   composites Ultrasonics 117:106546 陈诚(*),王莎(*),田华,林书玉
Rare Earth   Gadolinium-Modified Platinum-Based Bimetallic Nanomaterial as a Cathodic   Catalyst for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction Energy Fuels 35:14868-14875 秦娟(*),李珍祯(*),叶开(*),张亚峰(*),刘茜茹,尹峰
The vector beam assisted   “hot-spot” optimization in tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 52:1698-1704 周荣(*),陈立(*),孔婷(*),陈环(*),张正龙,沈浩(#),郑海荣
Interaction of graphene oxide   with lysozyme:Insights from conformational structure and surface charge   investigations Spectrochimica Acta Part A:   Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 264:1-13 李彬彬(*),郝长春,刘恒语(*),杨海燕(*),钟坤风(*),张明铎,孙润广
Decentralized adaptive   flocking control algorithm with avoiding collision and preserving   connectivity for crowded UUV swarm with uncertainties and input saturation Ocean Engineering 237:109545 梁洪涛,曹辉,傅妍芳(#)
Learning Hamiltonian dynamics   with reservoir computing Physical Review E 104:24205 张晗(*),樊华伟(*),王亮(*),王新刚
The effects of indium doping   on the electrical, magnetic, and magnetodielectric properties of M-type   strontium hexaferrites JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND   MAGNETIC MATERIALS 539:168333 周双(*),杨阳(*),雷润宇(*),周剑平,陈晓明
Engineering electronic   structure of topological insulator Bi2Te3 thin films by highly uniform ripple   arrays Journal of Physics D: Applied   Physics 54:424001 邵志斌,李少剑(#),边琦(#),曹琰(#),孙海根(#),刘利君(#),高健智,陈晓瑞,李青,潘明虎
Three-Dimensional   Interferometric ISAR Imaging Algorithm Based on Cross Coherence Processing sensors 21:5073 吕倩,张少哲(*)
Local most-probable routes   and classical-quantum correspondence in strong-field two-dimensional   tunneling ionization PHYSICAL REVIEW A 104:013106(1-16) 陈超,姬小萱(*),李卫艳(#),韩鑫(*),陈彦军
Computational Search for   Better Thermoelectric Performance in Nickel-Based Half-Heusler Compounds ACS Omega 6:18269 陈晓瑞,张鑫(#),高健智,李青,邵志斌,林海平,潘明虎
Plasmons Coupling and   Anti-crossing of Nanometal Asymmetric Dimer Plasmonics 16:2305–2314 张建鑫(*),张健(*),李永放
Lie transformation on   shortcut to adiabaticity in parametric driving quantum systems Chinese Physics B 30:60302 程剑剑(*),杜瑶(*),张林
Bremsstrahlung from fully   stripped tungsten (W74+) in a Debye-Hückel potential PHYSICAL REVIEW A 103:62802 武菊艳(*),程勇军,Andrius Poškus(#),吴勇(#),王建国(#),张松斌
Good dielectric performance   and broadband dielectric polarization in Ag, Nb co-doped TiO2 journal of the american ceramic   society 104:2702-2710 梁朋飞,朱婕(*),吴笛,彭慧(*),晁小练,杨祖培
High ellipticity of harmonics   from molecules in strong laser fields of small ellipticity PHYSICAL REVIEW A 103:053108(1-10) 孙丰健(*),陈超,李颖(#),李卫艳(#),李维(#),陈彦军
The behavior of magnetic   microbubble in acoustic-magnetic field Journal of Magnetism and   Magnetic Materials 538:168293 陈杰(*),赵丽霞(*),王成会,莫润阳
Multiple plasmon-induced   transparency with extra-high FOM based on a MIM waveguide composed of stubs Physcis Scripta 96:75505 郝祥祥(*),霍义萍,何倩(*),郭懿圆(*),牛启强(*),崔鹏飞(*),王蕴岩(*),宋美娜(*)
Core-Excited Molecules by   Resonant Intense X-Ray Pulses Involving Electron-Rotation Coupling CHINESE PHYSICS LETTERS 38:53201 朱彦聘(*),刘艳荣(*),赵曦(#),V. Kimberg(#),张松斌
Electrospun NiO nanofibers   with Rh decoration for enhanced acetone sensing performances JOURNAL OF MATERIALS   SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICS 32:14102–14112 高颖(*),张金牛(*),冷德营(*),李刚(*),张元一(*),王薇(*),梁庆飞(*),陈晓瑞,卢红兵,高健智
Theoretical perspective on   the electronic structure and optoelectronic properties of type-II SiC/CrS2   van der Waals heterostructure with high carrier mobilities Journal of Physics: Condensed   Matter 33:215302 Anwar Ali(*),张建民,Iltaf Muhammad(*),Ismail   Shahid(*),黄育红,魏秀梅,Fazal Kabir(#)
Finite-time velocity-observed   based adaptive output-feedback trajectory tracking formation control for   underactuated unmanned underwater vehicles with prescribed transient   performance Ocean Engineering 1:1-25 梁洪涛,傅妍芳(#),高洁,曹辉
Quantifying plasmon resonance   and interband transition contributions in photocatalysis of gold nanoparticle Chinese Physics B 30:77301 董亮(*),张成云(*),严蕾,张宝宝(*),陈环(*),弥小虎(*),付正坤,张正龙,郑海荣
Theoretical analysis and   experimental validation of radial cascaded composite ultrasonic   transducer Chin. Phys. B 30:40701 王晓宇(*),余芷欣(*),胡静,林书玉
A novelly universal theory:   Toward accurately evaluating radial vibration characteristics for radially   sandwiched spherical piezoelectric transducer Ultrasonics 111:106299 王莎(*),林书玉
Implementing conventional and   unconventional nonadiabatic geometric quantum gates via SU(2) transformations Physical Review A 103:32616 程剑剑(*),张林
Multiple adjustable Fano   resonance based on double half ring resonator and its application Physcis Scripta 96:65504 何倩(*),霍义萍,郭懿圆(*),牛启强(*),郝祥祥(*),崔鹏飞(*),王蕴岩(*),宋美娜(*)
Synthesis of dual-emissive   ratiometric probe of BSA-Au NCs and BSA-Cu NCs and their sensitive and   selective detection of copper and mercury ions Journal of Photochemistry &   Photobiology, A: Chemistry 408:1-8 钟坤凤(*),郝长春,刘恒语(*),杨海燕(*),孙润广
Tunable Multiple Fano   Resonances and Stable Plasmonic Band-Stop Filter Based on a   Metal-Insulator-Metal Waveguide Plasmonics 16:11468-01437 周辰(*),霍义萍,郭懿圆(*),牛启强(*)
An Exact and Practical   Analyzing Model for Radial Vibration of Piezoelectric Spherical Transducers   With Arbitrary Wall Thickness IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON   ULTRASONICS, FERROELECTRICS, AND FREQUENCY CONTROL 68:760-766 王莎(*),林书玉
Shear Wave Velocity   Estimation Using the Real‐Time Curve Tracing Method in Ultrasound   Elastography Applied Sciences 11:2095 李宇(*),吕倩,戴嘉悦(*),田野,郭建中
Predissociation resonances   and accurate ab initio calculations of dication HF2+ RSC Advances 11:9600 刘栋(*),李瑞(#),任娟(#),程勇军,闫冰(#),吴勇(#),王建国(#),张松斌
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质心法求解滑轮系统运动 物理通报 2021-10:17-19 周爽(*),贺西平,牛俊得(#),王欢(#)
用NOBOOK软件优化“探究感应电流产生条件” 实验 湖南中学物理 10:70-76 卞小元(*),王成会
基于古德与布罗菲透视课堂的学生参与度研究 中学物理 39:2-6 赵梦祥(*),王成会,周欣悦(*),赵旭(#)
基于SOLO理论对初中物理建模层级划分及应用探讨 物理教学探讨 39:10-13 孔红艳,何小雨(*)
矩形与圆形截面载流平行双导体间安培力研究 大学物理 40:47 张盛源(*),徐天福(*),郭芳侠
哲学方法引领物理课程教学设计初探 智库时代 34:273 白瑜(*),张中月
ARCS动机模型视角下的高中物理课堂案例分析 中学物理 39:17-21 孔红艳,柴海鑫(*)
谐振子的经典和量子统计分布 大学物理 40:30 康琳惠(*),张林
智能手机测试摩擦因数_涂姗伶 物理通报 2021-5:114-118 涂姗伶(*),牛俊德(#),贺西平,王欢(#)
指向物理核心素养培养的深度教学 物理通报 40:141-144 孔红艳,汤中岳(*),许景敏
大学物理随堂教学效果评价实用方法 大学物理 40:55 张锋强(*),高翔,张红洋,李贵安
物理学中常用的高斯与类高斯型积分 大学物理 40:13 王蒙(*),陶俊琦(*),程剑剑(*),郑华
优秀传统文化在高校思想政治教育中面临的挑战及实现路径 知识经济 3:95-96 史公鹏
基于核心素养的高中物理深度教学的实践——以“牛顿第三定律”教学为例 湖南中学物理 0:33-36 汤中岳(*),许景敏,孔红艳
点缺陷正方晶格声子晶体的大尺寸压电陶瓷复合 换能器 中国科学: 物理学力学天文学 51:94311 林基艳(*),林书玉,王升(#),李耀(#)
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机械搅拌对对声空化动力学特性的影响 物理学报 70:224301 刘金河(*),沈壮志,林书玉
无界弹性介质球形液体空腔中的气泡的动力学 物理学报 70:214305 张先梅(*),王成会,郭建中,莫润阳,胡静,陈时
聚苯硫醚材料复合棒型换能器 声学学报 46:730-736 吴梓豪(*),贺西平,郑欢(#),朱行旻(*),刘强(*)
(Na0.5Bi0.5)0.94Ba0.06TiO3陶瓷的结构及电学性能:   点缺陷效应研究进展 金沙js9线路中心学报(自然科学版) 49:1-29 陈晓明,刘丽娜(*),王星星(*),刘美丹(*)
(Na0.5K0.5)NbO3陶瓷的冷烧及其介电与铁电性能 金沙js9线路中心学报(自然科学版) 49:96-105 李冰玉(*),刘美丹(*),兰佳俊(*),马家平(*),黄辉顺(*),陈晓明
FemB20(m=1,2)团簇中超快自旋动力学的第一性原理研究 物理学报 70:127505 卢欣(*),谢孟林(*),刘景(#),金蔚,李春(#),Georgios Lefkidis(#),Wolfgang   Huebner(#)
黏弹介质包裹的液体腔中气泡的动力学分析 物理学报 70:124301 张陶然(*),莫润阳,胡静,陈时,王成会,郭建中
非线性声场中的参量激发 物理学报 70:114302 陈海霞(*),林书玉
有限长管内包膜微泡在磁-声复合场作用 下的振动行为 物理学报 70:214303 史慧敏(*),胡静,王成会,凤飞龙,莫润阳
连续化原对偶有效集的生物发光断层成像算法 中国激光 48:10.3788 余景景,李玲蔚(*),唐沁(*)
高中物理新旧教材中问题比较分析 中学物理教与学(人大资料中心) 27-33 郭芳侠,黄凯(*)
基于4C/ID模型的综合学习教学设计 中学物理教与学(中国人大书报中心) 32 郭芳侠,何琳(*)
中学物理教师探究式教学行为影响因素研究 内蒙古师范大学学报(教育科学版) 34:81 郭芳侠,温亚莉(*),王较过(#)
上下半圆均匀分布等量异种电荷的电场研究 物理教学 43:69 董顺成(*),徐阳(*),舒欣(*),郭芳侠
高中物理新旧教材中的问题比较分析   ———以人教版教材“力学”内容为例 物理教师 42:2 郭芳侠,黄凯(*)
基于 4C/ID 模型的综合学习教学设计   ——以“力的分解”为例 物理教学探讨 39:30 郭芳侠,何琳(*)
基于 Achieve 工具的 2020 年高考物理试题与   新课程标准的一致性研究 考试研究 86:30 郭芳侠,王冰雪(*),李晓爽(*)
Improved ferroelectric and   piezoelectric properties of (Na0.5K0.5)NbO3 ceramics via sintering in low   oxygen partial pressure atmosphere and adding LiF Journal of Advanced Dielectrics 11:2150012 李冰玉(*),陈晓明,刘美丹(*),余自德(*),连汉丽(#),周剑平
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Population Learning Based   Memetic Algorithm for Community Detection in Complex Networks DMBD 2021, CCIS1454 CCIS1454:275-288 孙昕(*),孙奕菲,程适,边坤(*),刘卓(*)


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